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 Summer Beekeeping Classes

Summer Beekeeping Classes

Taste how Urban Honey changes throughout the year with the Urban Honey CSA. Different flowers and locations around the city give each batch of Urban Honey a unique flavor. By supporting Mad Urban Bees LLC with a CSA membership, you will be helping Mad Urban Bees throughout the year.

Mad Urban Bees Urban Honey comes from the flowers, trees, parks, and gardens of Madison and Middleton. All hives are hosted by local residents. This is a truly artisanal honey.

Nucs Sold Out!

Mad Urban Bees is offering Five-Frame Nucleus Hives (Nucs) in Mid-Late May of 2018. The queens in these nucs are Carniolan- Itallian hybrids and are all Varroa survivors.

These nucs will be ready to install and are an easy way for new beekeepers to get hive a going. Nucs are great way to start for beginners, they work well for hives with undrawn comb, and a great way to replace winter losses. Bee colonies in nucs can start foraging immediately and build faster.


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Find Mad Urban Bees' new beeswax natural body products at Willy Street Co-Ops North and West!

Our beeswax body products are all made with simple, natural ingredients and local beeswax from our hives.

It takes the bees eight ounces of honey to produce one ounce of beeswax. The wax is collected during the honey extraction process.

You can find these products locally or in our online store.

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