"This is the most flavorful and delicious honey I've ever had! I put it on everything and am totally guilty of just eating it straight from the jar with a spoon."

Introduction to Beekeeping Classes

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Urban Honey 3-Packs are Back!

Bee Hives
Urban Honey 5oz 3-packs are now back in the online store for $20.00.

Experience how amazing honey can be. Mad Urban Bees Urban Honey comes from the flowers, trees, parks, and gardens of Madison and Middleton. All hives are hosted by local residents. This is a truly artisinal honey.

Urban Honey has wonderfully unique flavors. Each pack comes with 3 different 5oz varietals of Urban Honey.
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Sunday Beekeeping Class a go!

Today's Sunday 6/29 Round Rock Honey Beekeeping School Class will be held at 1:00pm. It looks like we will dodge the storms. See you then!

CSA Sign-up Ends June 30th!

Verona Farmers Market

There are still memberships left in the Urban Honey CSA, and sign up ends Monday, June 30th.

The Urban Honey CSA keeps getting better. We've added two new pickup locations: Verona Farmers' Market - Tuesdays 4:00-7:00pm, May 20 - September 30, 2014, and the Capital View Farmers' Market - Wednesdays 3:00-7:00pm, May 28 - October 8, 2014.

Taste how Urban Honey changes throughout the year with the Urban Honey CSA. Mad Urban Bees Urban Honey comes from the flowers, trees, parks, and gardens of Madison and Middleton. All hives are hosted by local residents. This is a truly artisinal honey.

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Verona Farmers' Market

Verona Farmers Market

Mad Urban Bees will be attending the Verona Farmers' Market tomorrow! The market is every Tuesday from 4:00pm-7:00pm, 5/20-9/30. Get a sample of Urban Honey, sign up for the Urban Honey CSA, or just come and say hi. We hope to see you there!

Our booth will be located on the grass by Hometown Junction in Verona, WI.

Get a T-Shirt for $5.00 on May 1st

Get a T-Shirt for $5.00

On May 1st buy an Urban Honey CSA and get a Mad Urban Bees T-shirt for $5.00!

Support Mad Urban Bees by joining the Urban Honey CSA, show that support by wearing a Mad Urban Bees T-shirt. T-shirts will be delivered at the first CSA pickup.

Each jar of Urban Honey will be from a different hive and location during the 2014 season. By purchasing Urban Honey through the CSA, you will be saving $1.00-$3.00 per jar compared to retail.

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Urban Honey is Sold Out! - It will be back soon!

Empty Jar

Today I delivered the last jars of Urban Honey to both Willy Street Co-Ops and Hy-Vee East. That’s it, I am sold out.

Urban Honey is bottled in small batches right after being extracted from the honeycomb. This also means that when it is gone, it is gone. But it will be back, and soon!

When will it return? The bees are hard at working building up their numbers to start gathering the spring blooms. I should have all 3 sizes of jars back in stores sometime in June.

What can you do to make sure you get Urban Honey? Support Mad Urban Bees by joining the Urban Honey CSA. Not only are you helping supporting getting the bees ready for spring, but you are also getting fresh, local honey as it is coming out of the hives.

It has been an amazing year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your support. I look forward to getting you more Urban Honey soon!

Mermaid Cafe

I am proud to announce that Urban Honey can now be found at the Mermaid Cafe at 1929 Winnebago St. in Madison. Stop in for some great, fresh, locally sourced food.

Mermaid Cafe

Here is full list of where you can get Urban Honey.

Summer Beekeeping Classes are Available!

2014 Class Schedule

10:00 am - Saturday, May 17
2:00 pm - Saturday, May 17
1:00 pm - Sunday, May 18

10:00 am - Saturday, June 14
2:00 pm - Saturday, June 14
1:00 pm - Sunday, June 15

10:00 am - Saturday, June 28
2:00 pm - Saturday, June 28
1:00 pm - Sunday, June 29

10:00 am - Saturday, July 19
2:00 pm - Saturday, July 19
1:00 pm - Sunday, July 20

10:00 am - Saturday, Sept. 13
2:00 pm - Saturday, Sept. 13
1:00 pm - Sunday, Sept. 14

10:00 am - Saturday, Oct. 11
2:00 pm - Saturday, Oct. 11
1:00 pm - Sunday, Oct. 12

Learn beekeeping fundamentals at the Round Rock Beekeeping Academy in Madison WI. This 2.5-hour class is for those wanting to learn more about bees and beekeeping. Although the class is designed mostly for those with little or no beekeeping knowledge or experience, persons with some limited experience are also encouraged to sign up.

Beekeeping Class
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The class is taught by beekeeper Nathan Clarke and covers a basic introduction to bees, beekeeping and hives, how-to information for keeping bees in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter and disease and parasite management. Each class allows students the opportunity to suit up (bee suits provided), and gain hands-on experience at our onsite apiary.

Our integrated workshops teach participants all they need to know to completely assemble their own hives, populate the hives with honeybees, and harvest honey. They take this knowledge to the next step of purchasing their own bees and equipment, and establishing their own hives.

This class is being taught through a partnership with Round Rock Honey Beekeeping Academy.
Special Note: All participants must be at least 7 years old and are required to adhere to our dress code in order to participate. This class takes place outdoors. Please wear appropriate clothing and closed-toe footwear.

Urban Honey will be for sale after class, but is not included in the price of the class.

Meeting Location: North-East side of Madison, WI.
(Exact meeting location details will be provided upon purchase of tickets.)

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Great Willy Street Co-Op Article

The Willy Street Co-Op Reader had a great article on Mad Urban Bees LLC. Take a look!

Urban Honey Gift and Sample Packs are Back!

Sample Gift Pack
Give the gift of Urban Honey from Mad Urban Bees LLC or enjoy it all yourself! Check out the store for our full selection:

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