Take a Summer Beekeeping Class!

Summer Beekeeping Classes

Summer Beekeeping Classes

Learn all about bees and beekeeping from Mad Urban Bees in Madison, WI. These outdoor classes are for those who want to learn more about bees and beekeeping.

The class is taught by Mad Urban Bees owner Nathan Clarke and covers a basic introduction to beekeeping and hive maintenance.

The class is designed for those with no beekeeping knowledge and for those with some beekeeping experience.

You will see actual honeybees! Each class allows students the opportunity to suit up (bee suits provided), and gain hands-on experience at our on-site apiary.

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Check out my new beekeeping blog!

Blog recipe: honey roasted Almonds

Blog recipe: honey roasted Almonds

I have started writing a blog for Keeping Backyard Bees. Check out my debut entry at www.keepingbackyardbees.com.

Keeping Backyard Bees is a joint effort by Mother Earth News and Grit magazines to create a hive mind of information on bees, beekeeping, pollen, hives, honey, and much more.

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Grab some of our new honey sticks!

New Honey Sticks!

New Honey Sticks!

We believe it is more important than ever to help support and protect our local farms. But we also need bees to support those farms.

Mad Urban Bees is proud to announce its support of local agriculture by pollinating small local farms, and finding environmentally-conscious and sustainable locations to raise and keep local bees.

That honey will be call Gilded Bee Honey. And you can get some right now in our new tasty honey sticks!

Grab a honey stick!