Beekeeping Fundamentals Classes

Saturday, February 22nd, and Sunday, March 22nd

This class is taught by Mad Urban Bees owner Nathan Clarke and covers a basic introduction to bees, beekeeping and hives, how-to information for keeping bees in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter and disease and parasite management. This class teaches participants all they need to know to completely assemble their own hives, populate their hives with honeybees, and harvest honey.

This class will have lots of visual aids, hands-on props, and handouts, and will prepare you for your first year of beekeeping:

  • Learning beekeeping tools, materials, and protective gear

  • Life-cycle of the honeybee

  • Ordering and installing bees

  • Managing your bees

  • Splitting hives

  • Diseases and parasites

  • Harvest honey

  • Preparing for winter

  • Recipes and uses for honey, beeswax, and propolis.

Classes are held at the Goodman Community Center, located at 149 Waubesa St, Madison, WI 53704.

  • Two classes to choose from, Saturday, February 22nd, and Sunday, March 22nd.

  • Classes will start at 10am (coffee and tea provided)

  • Lunch at 12:30pm (please bring your own or visit a tasty local cafe or restaurant.)

  • There will be many honey samples to try and enjoy.

  • The classes are $75 for 1 person, or $125 for a pair (save $25.00).

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