Mad Urban Bees is proud to launch a Kickstarter with the goal of raising queen bees in Wisconsin and pollinating local farms. No one is currently raising queen bees commercially in Wisconsin.

We need to have a sustainable supply of local bees if we are going to keep our farms sustainable. Without bees, our farmers markets, grocery stores, restaurants, and homes would be without many of the healthy foods we love.

There are some great food rewards will be produced in partnership with other similarly-minded local businesses: Yum Butter, Gail Ambrosius, Quince and Apple, and Underground Meats.

They are using Mad Urban Bees' Urban Honey to create some truly delicious and unique foods. We also have two special events that are being hosted by Bos Meadery and A Pig in a Fur Coat.

Help local farms by helping local bees and get some great food.

The Kickstarter may be funded, but there is still a lot more good we can do. Here are three easy things you can do to support this project:

  1. Watch the Video.
  2. Like us on Facebook.
  3. Share this website with a bee or honey lover you know!

We only can do this with your support!