Fully Assembled and Painted Beehives


Fully Assembled and Painted Beehives


Looking for a great setup to start your bees with? Mad Urban Bees is selling off its fully assembled and painted beehives with drawn comb supers. Pickup for the hives will be in Madison, WI, at the beginning April 2019.
*Delivery not available*
*Bees not included*

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Each hive setup will include:

  • 2- Brood Boxes, each with 10 frames, 10 drawn comb, 10 without.

  • 2- Honey Supers, each with 10 frames, both with drawn comb.

  • Ventilated bottom board

  • Entrance Reducer

  • Inner Cover

  • Top Cover

  • Paving Brick

  • Queen Excluder

  • Feeder Box

  • 2 Feeding Jars with lids

  • *Does not include bees*

This is everything a beginning beekeeper needs for a hive. Please contact me if you have any questions.