2016 Varietals

Batch 601
Extracted on 6/22/16
This honey is floral and sweet. It will be amazing on fresh raspberries or in green tea.

Batch 602
Extracted on 6/23/16
This honey is smooth and sweet. Drizzle it over brie or baked apples.

Batch 603
Extracted on 7/24/16
Light and refreshing, this honey is herbal and minty. Use it to brighten up your cup of tea.

Batch 604
Extracted on 7/25/16
Cinnamon and spice flavors dominate this unique honey. Oatmeal will never be the same.

Batch 605
Extracted on 7/24/16
This honey is bright and herbal with hints of vanilla. Add it to your tea on a cold morning.

Batch 606
Extracted on 8/26/16
This honey is rich with hints of maple. Put it on whole-grain bread or in your morning coffee.

Batch 607
Extracted on 8/27/16
This honey has citrus and herbal notes. Drizzle it over fruit or slather it on whole grain bread.

Batch 608
Extracted on 8/28/16
This warm honey is warm with flavors of brown sugar. Try it with apples or in hot chocolate.

Batch 609
Extracted on 8/29/16
Strong cinnamon and spice flavors dominate this honey. Try it on warm apples or pears.

Batch 610
Extracted on 9/27/16
This dark, rich honey has hints of berries. Drizzle it over cheese, custard, or roasted nuts.

Batch 611
Extracted on 9/28/16
Maple syrup notes compliment this smooth autumn honey. Great for holiday desserts.

Batch 612
Extracted on 9/29/16
This dark, earthy honey is a great autumn treat. Try it with roast squash or pumpkin pie.

Batch 613
Extracted on 9/29/16
This complex honey is rich and smooth. This honey is prefect for your coffee or toast.

Batch 614
Extracted on 9/30/16
This honey is buttery and tastes like warm caramel. Drizzle it over your dessert.

I can't wait to find out what the honey tastes like next year!

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